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How important are flexibility, emotional intelligence and creativity
for future professionals in the cultural sector?

Ludovica De Angelis and Antonia Silvaggi answer this question in an article published in Encatc Scholar, presenting the module “Professione cultura: competences and skills for new cultural managers”, created for the Master in Gestione delle Risorse Culturali e Artistiche at IULM University.

The training course was developed in response to a concrete need highlighted by the heads of the Milanese university’s Master’s programme: to support students in creating cohesive teams, in which empathy and active listening become tools for fostering collaboration.
Convinced that teamwork and the centrality and sharing of values are fundamental elements in the achievement of one’s professional goals, Melting Pro and IULM have decided to bet on a type of training that aims to enhance soft skills, enriching the curriculum of young managers with transversal skills.

The module encompasses know-how resulting from decades of experience in the field of research and training in the cultural field, carried out by Melting Pro at national and European level. From the development of communication, interpersonal, listening and teamwork skills, to the acquisition of creative tools to manage change, to knowing how to recount professional ambitions and values. These are only some of the contents of the module.
Conditio sine qua non: the creation of an environment favourable to dialogue and free from judgement.
“The course helped me to explore and reflect on my skills at a more conscious level, in a way I had never done before,’ reports one of the course participants.

A mindset that supports professional growth and prepares one to aspire to the desired position with more determination and awareness.
Antonia points out: “A great inspiration for the realisation of the module was the participation in the workshop led by Adrian De La Court and Sian Prime from Goldsmiths’ University in London. A workshop dedicated to listening and developing the potential of the students, which confirmed the importance of triggering processes of participation and active awareness.

Read the full article published on Encatc Scholar, a digital space dedicated to training and lifelong learning in the arts and cultural management and policies, HERE.

To find out more about the services and training courses offered by Melting Pro, please contact Antonia Silvaggi,, Competences for Culture Area Coordinator.

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