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Healthy communities are based on relationships of trust, shared goals and a desire to see each person in the community thrive.

It is a concept that encompasses many different realities: from communities that revolve around creating lasting bonds to improve the well-being and security of certain territories, to those created to ensure the transfer of knowledge and practices, to communities that are committed to profound social change.

According to the scholar Henry Mintzberg, rebuilding organisations as communities will be ‘the social glue’ that will lead us to the realisation of higher goals. This is the suggestion behind the Community Builders Summit 2021, an annual event that brings together experts in community engagement, human-centred entrepreneurs and those passionate about transforming cultural organisations.

The next edition of the Summit, which will be held online from 4 to 8 October, is entitled “Redesigning companies as communities” and will focus on one question:

What would happen if companies redesigned themselves as communities?

The themes of organisational culture, change of management and business model, internal and external dynamics of listening and exchange are central to our Melting Pro.

This is why we will be presenting a session on 7 October from 11.00 to 12.30 “Embracing individuality as a collective asset” in which we will share the state of health of our working group, the criticalities and the winning points of our horizontal organisational model based on professional and personal relationships between 7 members (details on how to register soon!).

If you are working to transform your organisation and are interested in exploring community building in business, take part in or host a session at the Community Builders Summit. Share your learnings and engage with other community experts! It’s easy to get involved by filling out this form

Visit the Summit website or the event on Linkedin

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