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Never stop learning!

Continuous updating is very important for the MeP team. On Thursday 6 June took place the MeP Skill Day: an entire day dedicated to internal training and team building.

Guests in the beautiful space of the Amka Association, we shared the skills acquired during the mobilities of the European project “B.Cool! Take part” and the knowledge learned in the field during the last year of activity, with a special focus on facilitation techniques and collaborative work, central themes for all our activities.

Many topics explored in depth: ecological innovation and sustainability for the cultural sector; design thinking, graphic facilitation; self assessment and skills assessment.

To open the day an ice breaking led by Silvia with the use of theatrical techniques; during the first session Patrizia and Francesca updated us on the standards for the green and the environment – explored in depth during the mobilities “B.Cool! Take part” at Encat Academy, in Île-de-France – key and increasingly urgent topics also in the artistic-cultural panorama. Through an analysis of the context and of the criteria ESG (environmental, social and governance), we explored their importance and practical applications. Then we moved to a laboratory phase in which we integrated these criteria into daily design practices, identifying the main specific criteria for individual projects and activities.

Barbara, expert in regional and Italian parameters and definitions for work skills, supported us in the construction of our Cognitive Biography: through some self-analysis sheets of “knowing”, “knowing how to be” and “knowing how to do” (the three distinct components of knowledge ) and with a “result sheet”, we explored all the significant and potential skills for each of us and how we can use them within the MeP context.

Then we did a design thinking session. Giulia and Antonia proposed us a realistic exercise of active listening, one of the tools used in the ACED (Audience Centred Experience Design) methodology. Claudia Cavalieri, director of the Pastificio Cerere Foundation, took part in the simulation by participating in an empathetic interview.

We have developed practical proposals based on her words, to meet her needs, desires and requirements and plan ad hoc cultural services.

Last but not least, Athena introduced the basis of graphic facilitation (learned during her B.Cool! mobility in Bucharest) a work tool that allows to use visual language to describe and illustrate the ideas of a workshop, event or lesson in a more immediate and engaging way.

A funny day, full of connections and emotions!. We learned a lot and we experimented together new methodologies.

See you soon with the next Mep Skill Day!

Find out more about the B.Cool project! here

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