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Salman Rushdie while presenting his latest novel during a book festival was asked his opinion on migration, due to the recent facts. He promptly replied “migration is a creative force”, a source of inspiration to develop competences and shaping new scenarios. This is one of the goals of Breaking down barriers: promoting community integration and raising awareness of historical patterns of migration in Europe, to change the perspective on migration movements, which have always been crucial in our story, by understanding the history and the reasons. Ultimately to raise awareness and community integration.

The project is financed by the Erasmus Plus Programme, Strategic Partnerships for school education and supports the professional development of educators, equipping them with competences and skills needed to deliver high-quality teaching, and deal with complex classroom realities. It will provide a model for a different way of teaching history in schools, based on the narrative inquiry system and on the use of digital storytelling methodology.

Narrative inquiry places an emphasis on individual life-stories and experiences, as a way of exploring wider trends and developments in history. Digital storytelling (dst) brings together the tradition of oral and personal narrative with contemporary digital tools.

We better understand what is happening around us through stories, rather than through pure facts, because stories connect us to people, they help us to be more empathic.

Follow us to know more about the project, activities will begin in January!

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