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We at MeP think that it’s essential to carry out thorough audience research to build relevant strategies to increase and diversify organisations’ reach. Nevertheless, few are the organisations in Italy that invest in this pursuit due to no time, money or scarce resoucers. What is the solution to the problem? How can, a small museum begin this process for example?

We think that by organising facilitated creative sessions like a world cafè can be a step towards the right direction. Turning the research step into an event where the community can feel that they have a space to say what they think about the role of the museum, what to expect and how they can contribute.

We are going to experiment it to collect ideas on the future of the museum with the MAP Museo Agro Pontino of Pontinia in the province of Latina, around 80 km from Rome, on March 24th 2018.

To get involved get in touch with the museum by calling 0039 0773 867422 or dropping an email to


If you are interested in facilitating activities, get in contact with Antonia Silvaggi


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