On March 15th Antonia Silvaggi (Melting Pro), Alessandra Gariboldi (Fondazione Fitzcarraldo) and Cristina Alga (Clac) are leading a workshop on audience development at the 2 day event “Musei come il Miele” “ Museums like honey” in Palermo.

Some of the former trainees of the ADESTE project Annamaria Giannone Consorzio Teatri Di Bari / Kismet E Abeliano, Andrea Maggiora Istituto Musicale Citta’ Di Rivoli G. Balmas, Samuela Caliari del MuSe di Trento, Francesco Mannino – Officine Culturali, Andrea Cassina Comune di Verbania – Biblioteca are going to take part in the workshop. A moment of reflecting on what we did in ADESTE and how to bring the learning on audience development forward.

The event aims to be a moment of reflection on what’s the role of museums in driving social change and innovation in today’s society organised by CLAC.

The event is taking place at the Ecomuseo Mare Memoria Viva and La Galleria Di Arte Moderna in Palermo on 14th -15th March 2017.

More information on https://www.nuovepratiche.it/

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