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The Ypsigrock Festival ended yesterday. It was an intense few days of music, meetings, discoveries and discussion on the impact that events like these have on people, communities and places within the SMA project. Small Festival Accelerator.

During the panel, attended by partners, organisers and professionals from the music and festival sector at European level, some very interesting views and reflections emerged.

Here are some of them:

“Don’t call them events they are co-participation processes that last the whole year and involve many people and have a great transformative power on the territory. Some areas would not be what they are without these festivals. They create community, because people feel part of something.

“Sometimes you have to have a mixture of madness and an entrepreneurial approach to do a festival in a remote area!”

“Passion for music and bringing the audience together is one of the driving forces. It takes an open approach and continuous work with people.”

We would like to thank Gianfranco Raimondo and Vincenzo Barreca, artistic directors and founders of the festival, Christoph Storbeck and all the festival staff, Vincenzo Vigneri – Assistant Professor at the University of Siena , Arturo Di Bella – University of Catania, the festival organisers, Robert Baumann – Haldern Pop Festival (Germany)
Login Kochinski – D festival (Macedonia), Ingrid Stroom, Music Estonia music expert and Guadalupe Fili Turismo Vivencial tourism expert.

And for our Antonia, it’s time to go to the Haldern Pop Festival. New country, new festival, new music.

Follow us to find out more!

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