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The Mu.SA specialization course for the new digital leaders in the museum field started in September 2019! Together with the other Italian partners of Musa, Link University, Symbola and the Institute of Natural Cultural Arts, the Emilia-Romagna Region we have created a training programme articulated through an online platform and meetings both online and in presence!

We have about 45 professionals and students investing in updating their digital and transversal skills to become Digital Collections Curator, Digital Interactive Experience Developer, Digital Strategy Manager and Online Cultural Community Manager from all over Italy!
This Friday 13 December we have our virtual meeting!

The other meetings will be held from January till March, so far confirmed we have Giuseppe Pedicini on linked open data, Francesca Marzo of Luiss on decision making and Gianfranco Buttu of Wikimedia. We at Melting Pro will take care of the digital storytelling workshop in March.

For the online modules we are develping with the following skills, involving friends and experienced colleagues, which are: Mentoring with our Giulia Fiaccarini, Networking in which we interviewed Julia Pagel of the European Network NEMO, Digital Marketing Katie Moffat di The Audience Agency, Storytelling with an interview to Joe Lambert dello Storycentre, Active Listening with Lea Walter and Copyright with Sarah Orlandi.

So far we have had guests Nicolette Mandarano, Digital Media Curator of Barberini Corsini in Rome, Alberto Del Bimbo of Nemech, University of Florence, Thalita Vassalli of Dachenhausen, Service Manager II Management and enhancement of museums and cultural sites, Mibac and Stefania Zardini Lacedelli, co-founder of Museo virtuale DOLOM.IT, Patrizia Schettino di Agid e Sarah Dominque Orlandi di Creando Cultura.

Read the Mu.Sa publications here:
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