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We’re happy to introduce you to Martina Mulas, a young manager who will work with us throughout 2020.

My name is Martina and I am a tireless creative, in fact I love painting and my head never stops. I mirror myself in the grit of lions and in the Kintsugi, a Japanese technique that repairs cracks by enhancing them with gold, rediscovering in imperfections a unique history of beauty and peculiarity. This is the reason why I am very proud of my dedication to detail, because I consider of inestimable value what can make the difference.
Moreover, I have always pursued the ideal of a world without cultural barriers, which is why at University I chose a course of linguistic specialization in International Communication that made me madly passionate about Portuguese. Since then, I have traveled a lot and got to know different populations and realities all of which has allowed me to develop strong intercultural mediation skills. My sense of ever-evolving led me to continue my education with a post-graduate qualification in Economy and Management of Art & Cultural Heritage. This is a field that I consider central to my life and which makes me feel aware of the versatility of my paths.

Now the time has arrived to put all the pieces back together and starting my new experience with Melting Pro.  

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