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The new issue of Conectando Audiencias Italia, the magazine produced and edited by Melting Pro specialising in art and culture management, audience development and creative-based social innovation, is now online.

This 9th issue “Inclusive Cities. Pensare, progettare e governare le città contemporanee’ (Thinking, designing and governing contemporary cities) is dedicated to a theme that is very dear to us and on which we often reflect also through the initiatives and projects we carry out at a national and European level.

But what does it mean, today, to create inclusive cities? How can we, as cultural operators, juggle the forces of regeneration and the drifts of gentrification?

To find answers, we collected testimonies, good practices and considerations from experts who reflect on the theme of the city from different points of view.

Leslie Kern, Azzurra Muzzonigro and Florencia Andreola talk to us about the city and the gender issue; Pierluigi Sacco reflects on the theme of the inclusive city, telling us about experiments, strategies and future opportunities; through three Dutch good practices we will see how urban greenery can be used within public/private social inclusion strategies; a team of researchers re-actualises the “city of 15 minutes” theorised by Carlos Moreno in the light of the impact of the pandemic on cities; Florinda Saieva addresses the issue of young people and how important it is to listen to them and design urban spaces starting from their needs; Flavia Buzgar takes us to Timisoara among the creatives of the Building a Community project; Niels Righolt talks about Copenhagen and its transformation; Charles Landry and Chris Murray, reflect on the life of Homo Urbanis and the psychological consequences of his adaptation to the city; finally, in the column “A coffee with”, the Mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci tells us about the winning candidacy for the title “Italian Capital of Culture 2024”.

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The magazine is in Italian.

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