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The MeP team is enriched with a new resource. Introducing Athena!

“Hi everyone, I have just come on board Melting Pro for a curricular internship.
I strongly believe in the importance of connections between people and the possibility and responsibility of leaving positive traces of oneself during the various paths that, in its original and surprising ways, life takes us through.

“All stories belong to others. Not even the story of our own life can be told without narrating the lives of others”.

This sentence fully encapsulates my thoughts. I believe that there can be no climate justice without social justice, so a lot of what I do is related to these issues.

I have recently embarked on an adventure with 6 of my friends, with whom I have founded a social promotion association to deal with youth mobility “Youth Solidarity Travellers Aps Y S.T.

I’ll tell you more about myself in a video I made during a Melting Pro storytelling workshop.

See you soon!”

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