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The community redesigns the future of the library!

The project “Books of the Present Time” brought great innovative energy to the libraries of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta, inspiring participation and involvement initiatives up to Verbania.

With the event “Paper, Scissors and Stone: Let’s rethink Villa Maioni”, the town of Piedmont will be the beating heart of an incredible co-design session that will involve the entire local community.

Melting Pro, together with CODICI Ricerca e Intervento, will guide citizens to imagine new solutions for the renovation of the Villa Maioni Park and of the internal spaces of Pietro Ceretti library.

The ideas that emerge will be transformed into reality by the skilled hand of architect Fabio Fornasari, for a requalification project that will not only change the face of Villa Maioni, but will reflect the heart and soul of the Verbania community.

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