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InsideOut marks the beginning of Melting Pro’s collaboration with the Tetto Casal Fattoria. The project aims to support young unaccompanied minors in a process of personal growth and knowledge of the local area.

Melting Pro is responsible for the digital pathway that will use the language of photography, the conscious and respectful use of social media and the implications of cyberbullying, storytelling for the creation of short videos produced by young people.

The photography workshop, carried out with the collaboration of Silvia Caracciolo, an expert in visual arts, has just ended and led the young people to the creation of reportages centred on the theme of the ideal day. The young people explored different techniques from digital to analogue.

The theme of cyberbullying, on the other hand, will be dealt with thanks to the collaboration with Mulab and their experience in various European projects. Martina Cipoletti and Enzo Pellegrini will facilitate the session with creative and playful tools.

The digital storytelling workshop, held by Federica Pesce with the support of Silvia Punzo, will take advantage of the knowledge acquired by the students in the previous meetings and will lead to the creation of individual or group digital stories through a participatory method that refers to the approach proposed by Joe Lambert in Berkley’s Storycenter.

More info on the project here

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