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“Tiny but Needed” the motto of our friend and project leader in SMA! Ypsigrock, that together with the other partners are organising their festival Haldern POP, (Germany), e D FESTIVAL in Macedonia, with all the necessary safety restrictions

Our research suggests that festivals are often born out of a love of music and passion for bringing people together in peaceful and democratic ways. The purpose is not to make money, but of course funding is necessary to set up concerts, provide electricity, clean up, hire staff etc. The people behind the festivals are very generous and passionate but they often need support and a more sustainable business and development of new skills.

As we are still in the research phase, we don’t yet know how the business model will be. But according to one participant, the key to festival management is to find one’s gold, the thing that makes a festival unique, whether it is location, hospitality, musical genre, reputation or other things, and then people will want to buy into it.

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