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PLAN – Place Design and Community Builduing is a project that aims at rinenerating in a creative way the material and immaterial heritage of the multiethnic Primary School “Carlo Pisacane”, of Torpignattara (a neighborhood in Rome).

Funded by MiBACT through the call “School: open space for culture”, the project will be realized with the school complex of via Ferraironi 35, characterized by the presence of children from 19 different nationalities. The project leverages itself on the multicultural dimension of the Institute as a treasure to be valued.

The aim is to improve both some of the areas of the school, that are in a state of degradation and which are currently not used, and the relational spaces of a peripheral, multiethnic context that presents significant educational poverty rates.

Numerous are the PLAN activities, including:

  • Architecture and Design LAB for children created by the Farm Cultural Park. This is the first opportunity to replicate and export, on another territory, the virtuous experience of SOU, the School of Architecture for Children of Favara (AG). In the PLAN LAB, boys and girls will play, design and build “possible worlds” together with senjor architects and creative people, learning what is and how important architecture is.

Artifacts, objetcs, designs, drawings and installations will be produced by the “young architects” as site-specific work of art designed for the school, that will become more beautiful, colorful and hospitable;

  • Territorial and Didactic WORKSHOPS, realized by Melting Pro and the Association Dieci Mondi in collaboration with the teachers of the Pisacane, to tell the story of the school and of the neighborhood from the authentic and original point of view of the young citizens/students through the technique of the urban storytelling. At the end of the workshops, the narratives produced will turn into city itineraries and the small storytellers will twist into tourist guides;
  • Exhibition and the Party of the Creativity, a moment of play and fun within the spaces of the regenerated and renewed School by PLAN.

The PLAN project ranked first in the classification of the “School: Open Space” call, for its ability to promote and regenerate physical spaces and social relationships of the Primary School Pisacane and the territory of reference.

PLAN is an initiative promoted by: Istituto Comprensivo Via Ferraironi 35, School Complex Primary School C. Pisacane; Melting Pro Learning; Farm Cultural Park; Dieci Mondi Association; Pisacane 011 Association

Referents: Laura Bove, Maura Romano

Photo by Francesco Truffi

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