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Continuous learning and the updating of skills are crucial for every company.

This is why our team often participates in training events, conferences and meetings. Last 7 June, thanks to the facilitation of Athena D’Orazio, we had the opportunity to experience a social innovation workshop on the Pre Text protocol.

What is Pre Text? is a pedagogical protocol devised by Doris Sommer of Harvard University to promote holistic and inclusive education through the arts; it is a methodology adaptable to a wide range of contexts and proposes a flexible approach to teaching.
Starting with reflection on a text, it aims at the acquisition of new skills such as the ability to analyse content, to interpret it, to work in groups, to create an artistic product and, last but not least, it promotes reading.

Through the protocol, students learn to master texts by using them for artistic creations (visual and performing) in a simple and rigorous manner.
The MeP team experimented with the protocol and, starting with a text, worked in groups using different reading keys and artistic and creative languages.

The workshop was an opportunity to acquire new techniques of text analysis and comprehension and to strengthen team-building skills, critical thinking, active listening as well as artistic production and sharing of reflections and reading tips.

Last March, Athena D’Orazio took part in the Pre Text protocol training in Pescara for professionals, cultural activists and school teachers. The initiative, promoted by the Municipality of Pescara with the patronage of the Departments of Architecture, Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and Philosophical, Pedagogical and Economic Sciences of the University ‘Gabriele d’Annunzio’ of Chieti and CCW – Cultural Welfare Center and organised by Abruzzo Social Lab was realised thanks to Professor Pierluigi Sacco of the University of Chieti and Pescara, in collaboration with Cultural Agents and Harvard University’s extended working group supporting the pedagogical protocol developed by lecturer Doris Sommer.

Read more about the protocol here

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