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Creative languages to approach global health issues.
With Melting Pro’s contribution to the IRC19 – Italian Responses to Covid-19 project, an opportunity has arisen for a field experimentation of the art-global health binomial, one of the areas of inter-sectoral work to which increasing attention is being paid.

Working with Doctors with Africa Cuamm, an Italian NGO that has been promoting the protection of the health of African populations for over 70 years, an unprecedented creative process made up of listening, storytelling, comic strips and animation came to life, through which we searched for new imagery to communicate the themes of global health and the impact of Covid-19 on our lives.

Along the way, we met some women who, from Mozambique to the Marche, from Tuscany to Tanzania to Puglia, have crossed the health emergency due to the pandemic, taking on a decisive role in supporting their communities: health workers, volunteers, cultural mediators and activists from whose stories four comic strips were drawn, created by some of the most brilliant Italian illustrators: Eleonora Antonioni, Giulia Sagramola, Marta Baroni and Lucia Biagi, coordinated by Giacomo Keison Bevilacqua.

The publication SENZA FERMARSI. Stories of women during the pandemic from Africa to Italy, which can be downloaded free of charge here.

These stories also gave rise to an animated video, through which to get to know Celesta, Giovanna, Nuru and Rossella and their formidable strength.

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