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9 European organisations have come together through the FutureAbility project to investigate teaching methodologies and participation strategies for online teaching.

This need has become more and more pressing in recent years during which we have used the most diverse approaches and tools to keep students’ attention levels high in online meetings and lessons.
Technology has come a long way. Interactive and very user-friendly platforms have been a real support for interaction and active participation, from Padlet to Miro, from Mural to Metimeeter and numerous others.

However, the use of technologies without supporting design and storytelling leads to dead ends. Hence the importance of storytelling: sharing, storytelling, stories as a thread to move from one tool to another.

Stories also become a winning element in didactics and teaching.

Given these premises, creating a bridge between the FutureAbility project and the 10th Conference on digital storytelling was a natural step.¬†From 20 to 22 June we will be hosted by Loughborough University. Rise Up! Reconnect. Rebuild. Recreate is this year’s theme. At a time of troubling critical misunderstandings around the world, the conference aims to explore the value of applied storytelling as a tool to co-develop ‘A Just Future’.

On this wave, Melting Pro, in addition to exploring for the first time in presence the themes linked to the FutureAbility project, intends to bring good practices of environmental sustainability linked to the cultural sector, through the use of digital storytelling, bringing into the field the reflections put forward in recent years by our company on the need for the cultural sector to play a crucial role, starting from an assumption: the ecological transition to be ambitious, radical and just is a cultural revolution.

Follow us for all the updates on the Futurability project and to find out what will happen at the conference.

All Conference info here

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