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Have you ever thought of running an advocacy campaign through authentic and participatory narratives?

Buy Better Food is the EU campaign for organic food in public canteens. Launched about a year ago, it now involves more than 200 European organisations and local governments with the aim of keeping public procurement at the top of the EU political agenda and having minimum standards set for sustainable and healthy food in public canteens, as well as raising awareness among civil society and local public authorities.

While public food procurement is a very technical topic, it is present in various aspects of our lives and influences what we, our sons and daughters, and our parents eat in school canteens, company canteens, hospitals, senior citizens’ centres and public events. It also has enormous potential in providing healthy and nutritious meals while addressing climate change and social inequalities.

In order to effectively convey this message to a wider audience, the campaign used the participatory storytelling tools offered by Melting Pro, with the support of ILCLEI, to transfer skills and knowledge to the organisations that joined the campaign. It consists of creating authentic narratives that weave together facts and figures, presenting content in an appealing and accessible way but above all creating connections with and between people, strengthening a sense of belonging and promoting the value of experiences.

The workshop will end at the end of the month with the sharing of the stories created by participants who have experienced the technique first-hand.

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