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‘Giudecca paradàis‘ is the title of an action dedicated to collecting stories and anecdotes about the island of Giudecca, its characters, traditions and visions for the future.

On 15 June, we travelled through the calle (streets) and campi (squares) of the Venetian island, listening to the citizens build a new narrative of Giudecca and unveil a map enriched with the ‘places of the heart’ of the Giudecchini.

The initiative is part of the activities of the Urban Living Lab in Venice, which aims to promote a better quality of life in Giudecca as part of the European project Eureka. The action was developed in parallel in three other European cities, Amsterdam, Timisoara and Bilbao, by other students participating in the ‘Training Urban Innovators’ training course.

The Urban Living Lab approach is a challenge-oriented teaching method that enables students to learn by working in the field, interfacing with different realities of the quadruple helix – local businesses, public authorities, education and citizenship.

Over the past nine months, the students in the Italian cluster have been working to make life on the island more attractive, especially for those already living there. Their task is to engage the active but fragmented local community to consolidate a sense of belonging to the island and create stronger ties within the community.

Melting Pro supported the initiative, facilitating the analysis of the collected data and co-designing the next steps, given a new event in Venice in September.

Follow us to discover the many stories of “Giudecca Paradàis”

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