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On May 14th will begin the cycle of training seminars on audience development, intended for a pilot group of professionals in the cultural and museum sector.
The capacity building program is part of the European project AHEAD financed by the European Union within the CREA-CULT-2023-COOP call and of which Melting Pro is the leader.

The beneficiaries of the training are the teams of Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica for Italy, of National Museum and Research Center of Altamira for Spain and the Archaeological Area of ​​Messara for Greece. Thanks to the AHEAD experience, will be defined a package of reference skills for anyone who wants to embrace an audience-centered approach in the cultural field, in a dynamic of exchange with other European professionals and on an international scale.

The seminars offer the opportunity to learn and experience the fundamental skills for cultural planning starting from listening to the audience. Topics such as audience development will be addressed and different working practices for participation will be shown, such as design thinking, participatory branding and facilitation methods. The methodological approach is practice-oriented, and allows participants to reflect, plan and apply the newly acquired skills in the context of the real challenges they face in heritage places.

Read the Manifesto drawn up by the AHEAD consortium and take part in the community of practitioners who share the same values ​​by filling out the form!
Finally, if you would like to be updated on AHEAD’s activity, take a look at the project website.

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