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Our commitment on the theme of sustainable development continues!

All sectors and professionals of culture play a fundamental role in achieving the goals of sustainable development. The cultural and creative sector has the capacity and responsibility, through its multiple disciplines and channels of expression, to help citizens understand the global challenges that humanity faces and to communicate the responsibility that all people can play to transform our world. This is our idea of cultural management and cultural participation. We decided to make this trip together with collegues and friends of ASUD, organization commmitted in sustanability and climate change.

After the last issue “Art and sustainability” of our magazine Conectando Audiencias Italia (add link) we will be guests of the 3rd edition of the “Sustainability Days and Cultural Institutions”. Towards a Sustainable Culture: alliances to achieve the 2030 Agenda “organized by the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development and hosted by the Cervantes Institute of Madrid.
Click for the program here.

Lots of interesting guests invited to speak: among others, Alfons Martinell, expert in cultural policies and sustainable development; Sholeh Johnston, associate of Julie’s Bicycle UK, pioneering organization in the connections between culture and social and environmental impact; Jorge Sansengundo, director of Valencia Escena Sostenible. We’ll be there too! Patrizia Braga, together with Laura Greco of ASud, will be the guest of the round table “international best practices” which will be held on Wednesday at 12AM. We will present two trends: the first one  is linked to Italian cases that tell the value of artistic projects to develop sustainable communities and the second one is about fashion and design. Many Italians textile companies are innovating their processes because they are aware of the opportunity to combine the cultural theme with sustainability and, above all, with the need of the current environmental crisis.

See the list of the speakers.

The 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed by 193 UN member countries in September 2015. Without a doubt, this Agenda will be the road map that will guide the world in the coming years, outlining the universal aspirations of human, economic, social and environmental progress.

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