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In recent years, many of our activities have been born out of considerations linked to sustainability, not only in the cultural sphere, but also in the environmental, social and economic spheres.

We have dealt with these issues in various initiatives: in issue 2 of the magazine Conectando Audiencias Italia dedicated to the theme “Art and sustainability. For a more available cultural management ” and during one of our European projects Youth in Progress and Partnership for Equality and Exchange (YIPPEE) in which we used storytelling as a tool to raise awareness among young people of Italy, Hungary, Romania, the United Kingdom and Benin on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and increase their professional skills.

At the end of this experience we have developed the Guidelines for the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals through Digital Storytelling with young people, an agile and practical tool, dedicated to trainers and all those who want to experience the use of this methodology in education non-formal, to raise awareness among young people on issues related to growth and sustainable development.

The publication is available free in Italian and in English

During the project numerous videos were made visible on the website www.storycenter, info or on our youtube channel.

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