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For festivals in remote areas, volunteering is an integral part of the festivals’ business model.
it is not only a matter of reducing cost but also a way of offering a quality cultural offer and allowing young people to feel a sense of belonging and rediscovering their place of origin. Most of SMA! festivals are experiencing high levels of migration, including young people, as opportunities are limited or unattractive.

We are here in Tallinn for the volunteering training course organised as part of the SMA! Music Festivals Accelerator, happening during the TALLINN MUSIC WEEK.

The aim is to introduce volunteers to sustainable business models for festivals from a financial, human and environmental point of view. There can be no music on a dead planet, so what can festivals do to minimise their footprint and ensure they treat the planet kindly? The programme will simulate the planning phase of a festival to develop a business model, general festival organisation and budgeting, programming, accessibility, and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Melting Pro conducted the initial research and we will oversee the training’s evaluation and monitoring.

Keep following us to discover all the activities of the SMA project

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