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Regenerating does not only mean transforming physical spaces, but also reading a territory in an innovative way, strengthening relations, giving people a voice, increasing the potential of cities, neighbourhoods… islands!

The tool chosen by the team of professionals from the Italian Eureka cluster is the game; the methodology is the much-loved one of territorial storytelling.

From 28 September to 1 October we will be together with IUAV and LAMA on the island of Giudecca for the last action of the Venetian Urban Living Lab, which will include moments of networking, testing and meeting with the community, evaluation and celebration.

The central moment of these days will be “Giudecca Paradàis“, a diffuse event, a treasure hunt with games and challenges to get to know the island better, realised with the collaboration of the inhabitants. It will be an opportunity to walk through some places in the heart of Giudecca and discover stories and anecdotes collected during the Eureka project.

Follow us on social networks to find out what will happen!

After Venice Eureka continues! In October we will be in Spain for the International Short School in Bilbao to present the projects of the 4 Urban Living Labs developed in Timisoara, Amsterdam, Venice and Bilbao.

Soon the details of the event.

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