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Last stop of the Urban Innovator Training Program: Bilbao International Short School!

Participants in the EUREKA Urban Innovator Training Program will meet October 23-27 to present the final projects they developed during the past academic year.

This is the final meeting of our innovative learning process, during which 60 male and female students from Amsterdam, Venice, Timisoara and Bilbao worked on new solutions to real-life urban challenges, gaining new skills and knowledge to become urban innovators.

During the International Short School in Bilbao, teams from the 4 clusters will present the proposals and actions they implemented during the EUREKA Urban Living Labs.

They will be hosted by the University of Deusto and Espacio Open.

The Short School will also include thematic meetings with local entrepreneurs focused on four key areas related to urban innovation: Housing, Rehabilitation and Youth; Economic Development, Job Creation and Green Energy; New Economy and Sustainability; and Creativity, Makers and Cooperatives.

Melting Pro, together with Italian partners IUAV and Lama, will facilitate two sessions to imagine and co-design the future of the EUREKA network together.

We will also have a great opportunity: we will participate in “The Bay Urban Visioning Awards” an international conference that aims to connect “urban visionaries” and showcase pioneering projects and initiatives that could steer us toward a brighter tomorrow.

Follow us to find out what will happen in Bilbao!



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