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one of the most ancient practices for passing on knowledge, storytelling is certainly not destined to die out. What we still do not know are its evolutions and the forms it can take depending on the sector and the reference context.

Melting Pro is amongst the academics and professionals from the cultural sector to be invited to an online Summit on the future of storytelling that will t

ake place on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 November. Promoted by Loughborough University (UK), the international event r

epresents an interdisciplinary space to shape a shared vision of the future of storytelling in relation to three topics: learning, research and entrepreneurship.

The Summit will end in June 2021, with a public event open to all. For more information on the Summit, read more here. LINK


If you want to know more about Storytelling and its applications, you can email Federica Pesce, Responsible for the Storytelling Area:



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