Progetti Europei

Many of our projects cross the national boundaries to open MeP’s horizon to the experiences and approaches of the European and international cultural sector.

These are initiatives that leverage the value of cooperation and intercultural exchange to make them the key dynamics for the development of new models, competences and practices for the cultural and creative system.

Soft Skill

Gaining and strengthening ‘soft skills’ for employment through models of supporting methods (peer coaching and mentoring). MeltingPro partecipated in partenership with Pandokrator (HU), 12-Evfolyamos Kiegeszito...
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Digital Storytelling as an innovative tool for the self-evaluation of skills acquired in informal learning environments. Kvalues  Validating Adult Learners’ edUcational ExperienceS  is funded by the...
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Take pArt

The Take pArt project, promoted under the Youth in Action Programme, aims to promote the exchange of experience and good practice between organizations that engage...
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My Vote

Melting Pro promotes the european project MY VOTE. Making Youngsters VOTE under  the programme Youth in Action  1.3 in partnership with the municipality of Civita...
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Le Whub

LE WHUB The three years project  LE WHUB. L’espace culturel de Waldighoffen (sept. 2012 –dec 2015) aims at developing an international cultural Hub in the City...
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