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Impresa Sociale Con i Bambini

We support the inclusion of young migrants through a holistic approach

Inhabiting places, working to make them grow,
meeting to take care of them

With ALI, space, training and work form the foundations of a project that wants to question the ways of integration for young migrants and experience a different way of feeling part of a new community.

ALI stems from the desire to use holistic and innovative models of coexistence between different cultures across the Italian regions of Sicily and Piedmont. An exceptional partnership that brings together transversal and complementary skills.

The objective is to accompany young migrants in a path of personal, professional and educational growth and to build a new system of ‘Community Welfare’.

To do this we will cross three dimensions, housing, work and social.

We will experiment “Neighbourhood Solidarity Cohabitation”, neighbourhood social involvement initiatives will be launched with the support of life coaches and community activators who will act as a bridge between the needs of young immigrants and the inhabitants of the areas involved.

Young immigrants will be involved in internship experiences in facilities that reflect their wishes and skills.

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We will organise meetings and initiatives on topical issues, from gender equality to urban regeneration through art and culture.

We will work with our partners to strengthen the link with the territory, counter stereotyped narratives and transfer technical and soft skills useful for personal and professional growth.

For more information, please contact us by writing to Silvia Punzo,

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