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24 months

Centro per il libro e la lettura and Fondazione Con il Sud in collaboration with Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani

Library as a place of community and civic participation

The municipal library of Aversa is a prestigious place for its historical value and for the heritage it contains.

With this project we want to ensure that it also becomes a social and cultural point of reference for local communities and a fundamental place for the urban regeneration of Aversa.

By strengthening opening hours, services, networks and the role of urban connector and open space for communities, we will promote the innovation of the governance model and cultural offer.

Together with the Municipality and partners, we will work on listening to the needs of communities and stakeholders with the aim of increasing the accessibility of heritage with particular attention to the most vulnerable groups and non-habitual users; opening the library also on weekends; animating the spaces through events and initiatives aimed at the inhabitants; creating a technical and social infrastructure that guarantees the economic sustainability and replicability of the proposed actions.

Melting Pro will deploy the experience gained over the years in terms of libraries and community engagement to support and enrich the process of listening to the territory, of co-designing new library services and their prototyping, with actions that push libraries to go beyond their borders by pervading the city in places not traditionally dedicated to cultural fruition.

For more information contact the service representative for Melting Pro Maura Romano

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