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Dal 2023

A capacity building program for cultural organizations looking to start an ecological conversion process

How can the culture sector orient its organization and audience towards an ecological culture?

Cultural and creative businesses today represent a crucial asset in responding to the climate emergency.

The Sustainable Culture program offers support and training services for cultural organizations that intend to reduce their environmental impact and strengthen project proposals within the TOCC call.

On the occasion of the release of the call “Ecological transition cultural and creative organisms” (TOCC—Call), with a deadline of 12 July 2023, our services can be included in the project proposals.

Our services:

  • Capacity building is aimed at cultural operators developing creative climate leadership skills and green and relational skills to involve the audience and transfer sustainability awareness. Training on the issues of sustainability, circular supply chain, climate change and environmental impacts of the cultural sector
  • Networking: facilitation paths for the construction of national and international multidisciplinary partnerships through which to promote initiatives and projects aimed at environmental and social sustainability (cultural organizations, policymakers, companies, research institutions, academics, third sector).
  • Support for the development of cultural and creative organizations towards more sustainable and inclusive organizational models
  • Consultancy/training on contents and topics to orient the creation of cultural products and experiences towards climate justice and increase the ability of audience engagement through the creation of audience development and engagement strategies, as well as the activation of partnerships with scientific bodies (ENEA, University, etc.).
  • assessment of consumption and evaluation of the environmental and social impact of cultural events, analysis and calculation of the carbon footprint and analysis of possible compensation interventions
  • certifications through contact with accredited partner institutions (UNI, etc.)
  • Development of the organization’s environmental policy and support in drafting an action plan to make the cultural event and the organization more sustainable. This action plan includes the application of a first phase of internal alignment of the institution, sharing and assumption of responsibility, a second phase of understanding and measuring the environmental impact and a third phase of integration in the management and planning of sustainable practices. 
  • support in the definition of an effective communication and marketing strategy relating to the interventions implemented

The program, with its services, aims to:

  • implementation of cultural activities, projects or products based on eco-design and sustainability aimed at raising public awareness of environmental issues;
  • development of tools and solutions for the creation of cultural events to reduce their environmental impact;
  • implementation of actions of strategic, organizational and operational planning for the drafting and implementation of governance action plans and of measurement and reduction of environmental impacts;
  • We are implementing highly educational cultural products to raise awareness on environmental and sustainability topics.

Discover all the details on the TOCC call.

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