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Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

Discovering LGF: “Training Guidelines and introduction to the cultural profession”

From 2022 Melting Pro, together with the partners of the Network Dinamica, BAM! Strategie Culturali and Ideazione Srl, manages the networking development action supported by the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Objective Culture, Mission to Develop Skills.

The recipients of the action are non-profit organizations of training in the artistic and cultural field, financed and not, by the call Linee guida per la formazione e l’avviamento alla professione culturale in the territories of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta. The Foundation’s call supports cultural organizations to develop training courses to help young professionals enter the world of cultural work in line with the necessary skills emerged from the Mapping of emerging cultural professions conducted by CLES.

In this context, was born the networking action proposed by Dinamica which has the aim of creating a network between organizations dealing with formal and informal cultural training, aimed at facilitating:

  • the sharing of working methods and training offers
  • the transmission of knowledge of new cultural professions and their training needs, as well as the correspondence between supply and demand of certain professional figures
  • a collaboration structured for actions aimed at encouraging the creation of channels of access and support to work based on the sharing of information (integration of training courses, agreements for internships, apprenticeships)
  • cross-disciplinarity in the cultural sector and different sectors, such as creative industries, social and healthcare.

At the base of the course, there is a collaborative process that allows participating organizations to generate joint value and to develop collective solutions to common challenges in the context of the Training Guidelines.

In the first year, after the consolidation and knowledge phase, and after having empathized more with their beneficiaries, the group identified challenges and, during a creative marathon, hypothesized solutions.

Video of the first year 2022/2023


Starting from the results of the first year, in the second year were identified two main areas of experimentation. The first experimentation focused on the definition of the skills of the figure of the cultural project manager which also saw the involvement of the sector Training Standards and Permanent Orientation of the Piedmont Region. The second experimentation focused on the development of initiatives aimed at internships, or other practical training experiences, with the active involvement of the job placement, Orientation, Tutoring and Placement Service (O.T.P.), Humanistic Sciences of the University of Turin.

Video of the second year 2023/2024

The method applied in the course makes use of visual planning and design thinking, ranging from the empathy phases to prototyping.
These tools are fundamental for us of Melting Pro to undermine imbalance dynamics in work groups.
In fact, the course aims to transfer to participants relational skills and soft skills essential for effective collaboration and for their personal and professional development, so that greater involvement is increased and sense of belonging and responsibility is strengthened, transforming the network into a more cohesive and healing community, in line with Mintzberg’s thought that “the network connects, the community cares.”

To retrace the stages of the networking path, visit the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo website here.

For more information on the path contact Antonia Silvaggi,

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