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2020 - 2022


The health emergency has put the cultural sector to the test. Those who work in this field are wondering about future scenarios

How to survive and enhance the potential of organizations and businesses that need change? How to prepare to face future scenarios?

To answer these questions, Dinamica was born, a tool available to businesses and cultural institutions to verify whether and to what extent their potential is being expressed, what balance there is with respect to the functions of a cultural reality, and what factors can be hypothesized for a path of consolidation and growth.

Dinamica was created by Ideazione srl in partnership with Melting Pro, BAM! Strategie Culturali, Kilowatt. Dinamica is also supported by a scientific board which includes Paola Dubini (Bocconi University), Sara Bonini Baraldi (University of Turin), Ludovico Solima (University of Campania), Antonia Gravagnuolo (IRISS-CNR of Salerno).

Who is it aimed at?

To managers, directors and administrators of cultural institutions that address an audience: from museums to production centers, from theater companies to associations, from organizers of events and festivals to those who manage spaces and sites of cultural diffusion and contamination.

How does it work?

Dinamica is structured in three phases: a questionnaire, free and accessible to all; the proposal of strategies and actions to face this difficult phase; verification of having undertaken a path of consolidation and growth in the medium and long term.

The first element of Dinamica is a questionnaire which aims to analyze in depth the model and organizational balance of a cultural institution, freely accessible on the website

Contact Ludovica De Angelis to learn about Dinamica and use it in your organization.

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