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Museo Galileo – Institute and Museum of History of Science

Definition of guidelines for sustainability in cultural merchandising and museum bookshops

Museum Bookshops as promoters of environmental sustainability

Italy is among the EU countries with the lowest levels of cultural consumption. Increasing participation and protecting heritage from climate change has become a priority. This is why the work of cultural organizations is fundamental if we want to achieve sustainable development at local and national level.

The project Eco-sustainability at the Museum: new shared processes and standards of museums addresses a very innovative and decidedly experimental aspect of the “green” transition and intends to identify shared standards and processes to promote environmental sustainability within the supply chain of museum bookshops. The panorama of realities, cultural professionals and methodologies used is very broad, which is why arises the need to create indications and guidelines that can standardize these practices and highlight gaps and possible improvements.

The objective of the Museo Galileo and its partners is to create guidelines containing resources, tools and indications to support museums and museum bookshop managers in their transition process towards more sustainable practices and to guide the processes of the entire supply chain.

Specifically, Melting Pro will involve participants in co-planning sessions carried out through Design Thinking methodologies, to share ideas, encourage participatory reflection and develop new more sustainable solutions.

The project Eco-sustainability at the Museum: new shared processes and standards of museums promoted by the Museo Galileo of Florence, is part of the initiatives financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU of the PNRR, to promote the reduction of the ecological footprint of cultural events by promoting the inclusion of social and environmental criteria in public procurement policies, thus orienting the supply chain towards eco-innovation of products and services.

For more information on the support service that MeP offers to cultural institutions, write to Patrizia Braga,, contact person for the Ecological Innovation Area.

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