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2018 - 2022

European Commission – “Creative Europe” Programme

Embrace change for new forms of cultural participation

If we want to make change happen, we need to change ourselves.
Audience development starts from rethinking what we do and why we do it as organizations. This is one of theme of ADESTE+, of which Melting Pro is partner of the ADESTE+ project supported by the European Union in Creative Europe programme.

ADESTE + aims to develop a methodology for organisational change (blueprint) for the audience-focused organisations.

The project will promote effective, lasting audience development by introducing innovative management practice. Using the combined knowledge and experience of partners, it will help each to develop their own organisation, attract new audiences, and create an approach that can be applied widely across the European cultural sector. The ultimate goal is to encourage new models of working in audience development as well as contributing to the wider debate about organisational change and leadership.

After 3 years and a pandemic, the ADESTE + consortium develop a methodology for organisational change (blueprint) for audience-focused organizations, ACED Aced Audience Centered Experience Design

What does it do?

ACED is a blueprint for change. It enables organisations to change the way they work with the public and become confident innovators in the process. Funded by the European Commission, Adeste+ aims to trigger more innovative approaches to audience development and participatory practice.

Adeste+ develops previous EU-funded projects, taking these to a larger scale, both in terms of activities and expected results.

Knowledge partners are The Audience Agency (UK) Centre for Arts and Interculture (DK), Università di Deusto (ES), Melting Pro (IT), Mapa das ideias (PT), Fondazione Kultura Nova (HR) and the institutional partners are Compagnia di San Paolo, Municipality of Zaragoza, Municipality of Warsaw.

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Contact: Antonia Sivaggi,

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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