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ArtS will design and deliver a joint vocational training programme providing low-skilled, unemployed and self-employed artists the opportunity to:
• Update their professional competences and acquire management, business and networking skills,
• guidance into finding work or internship at a company of their choice,
• present their work in a joint project at the project closure that will be prepared by the learners themselves, as an exercise of effective networking.
The project will cover the following areas a) Craft, b) Cultural Heritage, c) Design, d) Music, e) Visual arts, f) Literary arts g) Performing arts.
Partnership is composed by 14 entities coming from three european countries: EUROTRAINING, project leader (GR), Athens Chamber of Tradesmen(GR), SMouTh (GR), TUV Rheinland (GR), Amaranto (ES), Euroaccion(ES), Fondo Formacion Euscadi (ES), Grupo Hei (ES), FVEM (ES), Cesie (IT), CSFVM (IT), CUP (IT), Libera Palermo (IT), Melting Pro (IT).

For 36 months, starting from November 2014, MeP and Arts partners will be engaged in a number of activities , including:

  •  needs analysis and mapping of the skills needed in the labor market within the creative and cultural sector in the three countries involved;
  • development , certification and evaluation of curricula;
  • development of a portal which includes research, curricula, courses , guidance and all the products of the project;
  • delivery (testing) of structured training

The expected results consist of a series of innovative training packages , which can be adopted and promoted by the subjects of the partnership and other stakeholders in the sector. Each phase of the project will be accompanied by monitoring of the results and their validation, based on ECVET ( the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training), for the transferability of results at European level.

Contact: Federica Pesce; Antonia Silvaggi



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