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The project Code Content Creation for Digital Education and Culture (4CDE) aims to enhance the use of new technologies in our everyday life.

The overall objective of the project is to transfer the bases of teaching ICT through a wider approach that goes beyond the simple technical knowledge. Very often new technologies literacy has a limited approach because it focuses on software used for professional purposes and services to citizens and consumers, while other important aspects, such as the transformation of habits of citizens who use them, are neglected or ignored.

The project will involve teachers, professionals in the educational sector and students in-depth courses on ICT and on the influence they have on our culture, our professional and everyday life, with the aim to increase the critical thinking on new technologies.

During the activities we will be produced open educational resources (OER) to be used for professional purposes in the field of “ICT learning”: programming, narrative methods, media production, and digital art.

Code is a project funded by the Erasmus Programme + Ka2 adult education and will be for two and a half years and will involve five partners: Perspectives (BE), The Foundation of Art and creative Technology (UK), Association pour le developpement de la Pedagogie de l’individualisation (FR), Melting Pro Learning (IT), Universiade do Algarve (PT).

Contacts: Laura Bove, Federica Pesce

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