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2021 - 2023

National Greece Agency –  Erasmus+ Programme, Strategic Partnership for Innovation

Creative placemaking at the heart of a new Erasmus + strategic partnership

Introducing a collaborative scheme between artists & community members fostering life skills development and resilience through creative placemaking

Among the frailties exacerbated by the pandemic, the precarious condition of artists, creatives and cultural professionals requires particular attention. The artistic-cultural sector has in fact been held on, relegated to a level of non-essentiality in the lives of Italian and European citizens, with economic and social damage that risk to become chronic.

In this context, the COME2ART project is promoted by ActionAid Greece in order to forge a European partnership capable of relaunching a new centrality of artists and creatives for the social fabric and communities in which they operate.

The Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Belgian partners are committed to the development of a scheme of collaboration, growth and care of local communities that leverages on:

– the potential of artists and creatives as subjects capable of stimulating citizens and involving them in non-formal learning paths

– the importance of investing in life skills, personal qualities and attitudes, such as creativity, problem solving, critical thinking that are essential especially in critical phases

– creative placemaking as a collaborative practice of design and artistic development of shared public spaces

– the activation of citizens in identity and community re-appropriation paths thanks to creative languages.

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