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CONNECT is a Knowledge Alliance that promotes innovative cooperation between universities and enterprises in the cultural sector across Europe.

During the project a new Twin-track programme in audience development for students and practitioners working in arts management will be designed and launched by a transnational team of 54 researchers, teachers and trainers in 5 national hubs in Spain, UK, Italy, Denmark and Poland, each one composed by higher education institutions and private cultural organisations.

The programme is based on multidisciplinary training modules mixing formal and informal learning methodologies and digital resources. Parallel running sessions will introduce audience development theory, practice and philosophy, transfer management, strategic and entrepreneurial skills through a mentoring and coaching scheme matching students and professionals in practice-based learning activities. Partners will organize 2 Summer Schools and 2 EU forums in audience development. A EU platform with new digital resources supporting audience development internationally will be drawn.

Connect is a project co-funded by Erasmus plus Programme– Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices Knowledge Alliances for Higher Education (KA2).

It lasts 3 years and involves 10 partners proceeding from 6 countries: Universidad de la Iglesia de Deusto (ES), Asimetrica gestion cultural (ES), The Audience Agency (UK), Goldsmiths’College (UK), Center for Kunst & Interkultur (DK), Miasto Stoleczne Warszawa (PL), Uniwersytet Im Adama Mickiewicza W Poznaniu (PL), Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (IT) e European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (BE).

Our team is currently launching a call for participants in the CONNECT training programme in audience development, called “Twin-Track Programme”. We are accepting applications from post-graduate students in the arts management field and practitioners from cultural organisations, that will work together learning on Audience Development and testing strategies.

Here are all the information to apply:

Contact: Patrizia Braga, Antonia Silvaggi

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