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2022 - 2024

European Commission Erasmus Plus Programme – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Bridging sustainable lighting and value preservation of cultural buildings

Environmental sustainability in the cultural sector is increasingly a priority and also
involves the lighting of historic buildings

For several years now, ‘sustainability’ has been at the heart of our activities and with the Culture Lights project we will continue to move in this direction, this time working on the issue of lighting in historic buildings and developing strategic skills for lighting and cultural professionals.

Culture Lights aims to raise awareness of building and lighting professionals on environmental and climate change challenges by developing green sector skills strategies and methodologies.

It focuses mainly on sustainable lighting systems and, more specifically, on adaptive lighting that also plays the role of conservation trigger for the preventive protection of cultural heritage, with the aim of adaptive reuse of buildings.

We want to test innovative practices such as artificial and natural lighting systems and to train building and lighting professionals and users of cultural buildings as agents of change.

In the course of activities, two flexible, learning-focused vocational training programmes will be designed for workers and employees in the construction and lighting sectors, within the framework of the conservation and sustainability of heritage buildings.

The focus will be on:

Designing and installing sustainable lighting systems while preserving the cultural value of buildings.

Improving interaction between renovation professionals and employees and users of heritage buildings.

Promotion of sustainable behaviour and lifestyles through the exchange of ideas and opinions on sustainable building conservation and energy efficiency strategies.

Building professionals and users of cultural buildings will be involved in interaction workshops to discuss sustainable lighting possibilities and sustainable behaviour, as well as missing and needed skills to improve the lighting potential of the stock of cultural buildings.

Two training courses on sustainable lighting methodologies in cultural buildings will be developed for building and lighting professionals and round tables will be held to draft a Policy Recommendation on the effective use of renovation strategies and their impact on cultural buildings.

For more info contact Laura Bove,, project contact person.

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