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ENG 2021 - 2023

ENG Erasmus Plus – Agenzia Nazionale INDIRE

More accessible and attractive online teaching through the use of visual methods

How to make online teaching more engaging? what tools to use?

The current pandemic crisis has changed the way we think about our social and professional relationships, requiring creative solutions and rapidly improving technologies. In education, it has accelerated a shift in the way teaching is conceived and implemented. Specifically, the Higher Education sector has been heavily impacted due to the unpreparedness of most lecturers and educators to convert their classes to blended or fully online modes.

FuturAbilty – Digital and Transversal Skills for online Teachers brings together a strategic partnership of organizations – Universities, Research Centers and Cultural Enterprises – with the aim of investigating, producing and sharing open educational resources (OER) to make online teaching more attractive and accessible.

The main challenge is the development of pedagogies and digital tools that allow teachers and trainers to convert their lesson content for online use in participatory and engaging ways.

The purpose of these materials is to provide university lecturers with key digital and cross-curricular skills to enhance online teaching through effective use of innovative solutions with a focus on visual methods

The project will allow higher education institutions to have a state-of-the-art educational offering, updating and retraining their faculty.

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FutureAbility wants to make online teaching more accessible and attractive through the application of visual methods (storytelling, comics, videos, design, graphics) in the production of didactic materials.

The project consists of :

– A research phase on the use of visual methods for online teaching;

– A phase of development of teaching materials for the creation of training modules to better prepare Lecturers to transfer the content of their lessons online

– A testing phase with about 300 University Lecturers

For more information contact Federica Pesce, Head of Storytelling Area.

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