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Digital Storytelling as an innovative tool for the self-evaluation of skills acquired in informal learning environments. Kvalues  Validating Adult Learners’ edUcational ExperienceS  is funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme GRUNDTVIG.

The project aims to guide adults and young adults in disadvantaged conditions to self-evaluate and recognize skills and key competences acquired through informal learning contexts such as work, volunteering, family and community related activities. Beside contributing to the European debate, KVALUES aims at identifying what competences and skills can be validated by engaging different stakeholders.

The project contribute to the development of outreaching strategies to engage more adults in LLL, especially the ones more difficult to reach for various reasons (social, cultural, economical).

MeP joined the partnership with Istituto Luigi Sturzo (IT), Coleg Cambria (UK), Grimme Institute Gesellschaft für Medien (DE), DIK (SE), Tallinn 2011- Foundation (EE), Human (BG).

The project will last two years, from 1th December 2012 to 30th November.

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More information on the Grundtvig Programme:

For more information on validation of non formal and informal learning.

Read and download the digital storytelling toolkit.

Visit the web site of the project

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