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2021 - 2023

European Commission – National Agency Erasmus+ Bulgaria

A mentoring programme for young people to combat social exclusion

A mentoring programme for young people that promotes social inclusion and ensures easier access to culture

With the Match with Arts and Culture project, Melting Pro is among the partners committed to the promotion and use of cultural mentoring as a tool for the social inclusion of young people.

The initiative aims at empowering marginalised youth groups from Italian, Bulgarian, Dutch and Spanish communities through meaningful mentoring relationships and easier access to culture. The aim is to encourage their participation through involvement in volunteer and mentoring programmes aimed at generating a significant social impact on the local context.

The organisations involved will support these youth groups in discovering their potential, in developing new skills and interests in the field of culture and in using their skills to respond to new social challenges and the needs of the area in which they live.

By drafting and implementing a new cultural mentoring programme for young people, Match with Arts and Culture thus pursues the goal of forming culturally aware communities.

The programme will be aimed at 100 young people who would like to become volunteer mentors and 140 young people to be involved in cultural activities, thus promoting their social inclusion.

Visit the project website:

For more information on the project, contact Giulia Fiaccarini

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