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2021 - 2022

Commissione Europea – Programma Erasmus+

We build an international community of cultural professionals

Being part of the Mu.SA community means exchanging practices and competences with your peers, widening your network of contacts and implementing the creation of new ideas through a process of peer learning

The name of the Mu.SA community comes from a previous European project dedicated to the training of museum professionals in the field of digital skills Mu.SA Museum Sector Alliance.

With M.I.C.A. – Mu.SA International Community Activators, Mu.SA becomes the community that opens itself to professionals and students of the whole cultural sector (theatres, archives, libraries) and acquires best practices and know-how in the field of community management thanks to a process of peer learning and contamination with other sectors.

L’obiettivo è quello di implementare e rendere attiva ufficialmente una community di professionisti della cultura su scala internazionale.

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The project foresees 2 macro phases:

Activation and implementation of the community through the realisation of 5 international “work cafés” structured on the principle of peer learning
Realisation of 2 project works at national level for 2 cultural organisations to be chosen respectively in Italy and Greece (countries of the partner organisations) with the aim of activating a community and a crowdfunding campaign for the selected organisation.

Among our outputs is the creation of a Handbook on cultural community management.

To find out more, contact Antonia Silvaggi,, contact person in the Competences for Culture Area.

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