Melting Pro promotes the european project MY VOTE. Making Youngsters VOTE under  the programme Youth in Action  1.3 in partnership with the municipality of Civita Castellana (IT), Expert Support Association (BG), Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bulgaria Association (BG), Provincia di Alessandria (IT).

MY VOTE aims to be an innovative tool to raise awareness among young people about European Election 2014 creating a vademecum  which will facilitate the information for youngsters about the processes of the election. MY VOTE will encourage them to share their opinions and thoughts on the political agenda and orientation of EU 2020.

The  partnership of the project  include  research and training institution and public bodies representing political life dealing with youth of Italy and Bulgaria. It promotes the participation of young people in the democratic processes through the exchange and interaction between organizations based in different countries, with a different point of view, history, cultural backgrounds and relation with the EU.

The activities of the project will focus on a laboratory. Each group will be engaged in the exploration and analysis of data relating to the European elections in their countries: the functioning of the European institutions and processes of voting, the rights and duties of citizens, the dynamics of elections and for the participation of citizens, connections with the strategies of Europe 2020.

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