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2019 - 2021

Commissione Europea – Programma “Creative Europe”

Storytelling to tell Rijeka, Novi Sad and Timisoara

How many stories are born and hidden in places of conflict,
with frontiers changing geography all time?

The number is infinite and the value is very high, but despite this there are still no narratives capable of breaking down the negative stereotypes and the conditions that determined them, especially in the countries of Western Europe.

Together with our partners, with Stories behind the Cities we will try to give strength to these stories and map new resources (urban stories, myths, legends about events, places, inhabitants) that will allow three cities – Rijeka (Croatia) Novi Sad (Serbia) and Temisoara (Romania)- to have new visions, data and actions to tell the intangible Heritage that connects the three cities through history.

The project is divided into three phases:

Research, to explore urban narratives through community involvement. In each partner city, researchers will explore urban narratives and forgotten identities by collecting stories, legends, archive photos and other non-material cultural assets. The materials will be collected mainly by the inhabitants through community involvement but also in museums and archives.

Didactics, to develop new skills and storytelling techniques, in order to provide models for using these narratives, through storytelling workshops (in Serbia, Romania and Croatia) held by Melting Pro.

Artistic, to deal creatively with transnational promotion. This phase includes a common residency program in Serbia.

The project also includes the creation of an exhibition, a publication, a documentary and an interactive online platform. The exhibition will have an interactive character, and will be a combination of photos and data with audio and video stories. The stories collected in the 3 cities will be returned to the communities in the publication “Urban Tales of Rijeka, Urban Tales of Temisoara and Urban Tales of Novi Sad”

The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe program and has a duration of 20 months starting from December 2019.

Umetnicka asocijacija Inbox, Serbia, Lead partner; Udruga za scenske umjetnosti Prostor Plus, Croatia; Timis County Youth Foundation, Romania; Melting Pro, Italy.

Contatct: Federica Pesce

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