StoryA_STORY Abroad: validating and connecting experiences of working and studying abroad through digital storytelling is a one-year project that fosters cooperation in the field of youth between Program Countries and Partner Countries gathering organizations from USA, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, UK, Portugal, Belgium, Austria and Sweden.

From April 2015 through a series of initiatives –international meetings, seminars and conferences, local workshops and cultural activities– the project aims at enhancing the use digital storytelling, to guide young people to self-evaluate their competences acquired abroad.

The purpose is to improve the quality and the recognition of youth work and non-formal learning by encouraging young people to turn their life and working experiences gained in foreign countries into learning opportunities recognizing the skills and key competences acquired during the mobility.

Living or working abroad, for a short or long period, are unconscious informal learning moments that can be turn into more useful experiences if you encourage people to reflect upon it and share them.

The project contributes to strengthen the role of youth in the society and speed up the process of active participation in EU and beyond.

StoryA aims at:

– exchanging and sharing skills, knowledge and experience related to youth work across the partnership and building the capacity of the organisations involved;

– developing a pedagogical legacy through the development of course materials that can be shared across the partnership and distributed beyond;

– exploring the ability of digital storytelling as a means of recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning reaching policy goals through the provision of soft and hard skills for young people;

– investigating  the comparative impact of digital storytelling workshops in different countries;

– increasing confidence and self-esteem in youngsters by raising awareness of the importance of key competences.

Results and stories are published online and collected in a e –book: Travelling stories. Digital Storytelling with young people studyng and working abroad.

The StoryA partnership consists of European organisation Medshots CRL (PT), University of Brighton (UK), Verein digital Story Vienna (AT), Perspectives (BE), Stockholm School of Arts / Kulturskolan Stockholm (SE), and international Center for Digital Storytelling (USA), Museo da Pessoa (BR),  Cape Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa).

Project’s results have been presented at the International Festival of Digital Storytelling organized in Capetown (South Africa) on March 2016. The documents presented are available here.


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