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Lottozero textile laboratories, Prato, Italy

Cultural strategies to involve young audience

New ways and strategies to strengthen international networks and engage new audiences.

Textile Culture Net is a project to strengthen an international network of four textile institutions that emerged spontaneously in the spring of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The project consists of a series of online exhibitions, through the refinement and consolidation of an exhibition format designed for the Instagram platform. Using the Instagram platform, the network intends to offer different cultural perspectives as well as ways to present, collect and facilitate the realisation of textile art and design.

Melting Pro will provide the network with skills and tools to integrate an audience-centred approach and digital strategy to innovative curatorial practices and exhibition formats. The course will be based on the use of the ACED (Audience Experience Design) method, which is based on design thinking and change management methodologies.

ACED is aimed at cultural organisations interested in improving their ability to establish meaningful relationships with their audiences and communities. It can be applied by organisations and institutions of different sizes, sectors and cultural contexts.

Melting Pro and BAM! will support the project partners by transferring content and methods that will enable them to reach new digital audiences, especially younger ones.

Through a consultancy programme including intensive consortium-level workshops, 1-to-1 exchanges with the project leader, analysis of existing data and implementation of project guidelines, coaching and assessment of readiness levels, the TCN partnership will acquire a range of new skills to integrate curatorial work and artistic programming to ensure that the project has a strong and responsible impact on its beneficiaries.

The project is funded by the Creative Europe Programme and the partnership is composed of organisations from Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and China.

Photocredit: Agnese Morganti

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