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18 months

Ministry of Culture

A calculator to measure the carbon footprint of events and cultural organizations

An innovative platform able to combine ecological responsibility with attention to the audiences and inclusion

In an era of great global transformations, the culture sector finds itself facing and responding quickly and concretely to the profound changes underway: climate change, the digital transition and social inequalities. To respond to these challenges it is necessary to equip cultural and creative organizations with new tools and skills.

The goal of the project “Sustainable Culture: Minimize environmental impacts, maximize social impacts” is to strengthen the role and function of the cultural and creative sector in building a culture of environmental, social and economic sustainability, through the provision of knowledge and analysis tools and the creation of competent internal profiles on the issues of environmental sustainability and cultural participation.

The project is the result of a long journey of research, training and acquisition of skills on the issues of ecological conversion of the cultural and creative sector. And it is the result of 10 years of experience in providing training courses and strategic consultancy services for organizations and cultural professionals, coming from different sectors, who want to rethink their participation, development and impact strategies, to help create a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable society.
Sustainable Culture involves a research and analysis phase necessary for the co-design of a technological tool capable of welcoming, processing and measuring the environmental and social impacts of a cultural organization and/or event. Subsequently we will start the experimentation phase in which more than 15 cultural and creative businesses belonging to different cultural sectors will be involved to refine and validate the calculator before its dissemination and application to a wider user base.

What do we expect?

  • The creation of a user-friendly, accessible and secure platform
  • New services to accompany the green, digital and sustainable development transition of organizations of the cultural and creative sector
  • New tools for knowledge and analysis of communities and audiences
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