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The Youth in Progress and Partnership for Equality and Exchange (YIPPEE) project is a project funded under the Erasmus + Capacity Capacity Builduing Program which aims to explore opportunities for access to personalized training services for youngsters, limiting the level of inequality existing between young people.

Specifically, the project intends to use digital storytelling to develop greater self-awareness and abilities, to promote active participation in social and cultural life, and to increase employability.

The project also aims at:

  • offering an opportunity for mobility for young people to develop professional skills; –
  • promoting a “cascading” effect by multiplying the impact on young people in Europe and Benin;
  • strengthening the network of contacts at international, local and European levels;
  • improving counseling services for work and guidance
  • enhancing non-formal education through the use of digital storytelling

Project beneficiaries are NGOs and youth organizations (18-30 years), trainers, educational organizations, European networks and policy makers at all levels from 4 European countries (HU, RO, UK, IT) and one extra European (RPB)

Within the project, two trainings, participants’ digital stories, short videos for local activity documentation, digital storytelling guidelines, and a platform dedicated to digital storytelling – a virtual center with materials and open source documents are available online.

The Yippe’s guidelines Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals through Digital Storytelling with Youth can be used by teachers, facilitators and all those interested in learning more about storytelling and its application with young people. Free download here.

Project Partners: Anthropolis Antropologiai Kozhasznu Egyesulet (HU), Asociatia de Tineri Din Ardeal (RO), Global Link Lancaster Ltd (UK), Centre Régional De Recherche Et d’Education Pour Un Développem (RPB), Melting Pro (IT).

On the project website you will find all the digital stories did during our mobilities and many materials about digital storytelling. Come to visit us!

Contact: Laura Bove


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